“With my independent speech therapists hat on this was a fabulous group to watch and enjoy. Andrea is brilliant at including every child, encouraging their love of fun, interaction and singing. It was fantastic to see so many cherubs loving the turn taking, choice making and songs. As a parent I wish I'd taken my kids.”

Joyanne Willamson -Independent speech therapist
(BSc Hons, HPC, RCSLT)

Why should I take my child to a music group?

A music group will give you and your child the opportunity to share a fun and social experience together whilst offering them a fundamental learning experience.

baby development

Listening Skills

At Mini Melodies, babies and young children are encouraged to follow action songs which develop listening skills, attention and concentration. Learning songs and actions to go with them directly improves vocabulary and speech.

Social Behaviour

Mini melodies is a structured class that is broken into short sections such as instrument time, puppets and quiet time with teddies. The babies even in the 6-18 month group quickly understand the routine and are encouraged by positive responses to collect and return their instruments. Taking turns and listening to other people perform. These skills will help them develop their consideration for others and will aid their transition from home to playgroups and nurseries and eventually school.

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Singing in a group will develop social confidence. As children move up through the groups they will be encouraged to become more involved and move away from their carer/parent to collect instruments and take part in the group. In the pre school group (age 3 and over) some of the children even sing on their own in front of the group which gives an amazing boost to their self esteem.

Musical Development

Babies and children have a natural love for music and the human voice. Babies as young as 5-6 months will bounce and clap to music. By encouraging this natural interest we can develop pitch, rhythm and confidence in musical ability.

music development for children

Emotional Well Being

Music is a socially acceptable way to let of steam (i.e. playing an instrument loudly) or express a need to cuddle (lullabies). Teaching songs that allow a range of emotional responses provides children with the means to console, relax and stimulate themselves offering an independence that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

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